When to See Us for Shoulder Pain

Sometimes an injury is minor and doesn’t lead to chronic symptoms. However, there are a few indicators that may be telling you it’s time to seek out professional treatment for shoulder pain in Barrington. Gitelis Orthopedics can help you with your shoulder pain. Here are three simple ways your body may be telling you to get our help soon.

Redness and Swelling

If your shoulder is more than sore and it’s visibly swollen, red or warm to the touch , it is best to make an appointment with our orthopedic doctor. Treatment is often more effective if it begins soon after an injury. Redness and swelling can be signs of more serious damage, regardless of whether it is caused by an injury.

Pain When Lifting the Arm

Commonly, shoulder-related pains are linked to a damaged rotator cuff. To find out if you need to be treated for shoulder pain in Barrington, try lifting your arm over your head. If pain increases or you are experiencing pain doing everyday activities like getting dressed, it’s best to make an appointment and let us diagnose and treat the injury.

Longevity of Symptoms

It’s common for pain to last a day or two before subsiding. However, if the pain last for days or weeks, even if the pain level is low, it can be the start of a chronic condition like tendinitis, bursitis or osteoarthritis.

Our professionals are serving patients in Barrington, providing the services they need to relieve shoulder pain.

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