Picking the Right Running Shoes

Published on April 29th, 2019

Avid runners don’t need a ton of equipment to succeed, so investing in a good pair of running shoes is crucial in both your safety and your comfort. Many runners visit our orthopedic surgeon in Barrington with the hopes of addressing problems caused by putting in many miles per week. But did you know that there is a huge variety of running shoes on the market? Here are some helpful tips to make sure that you pick the right shoes moving forward.

Understand Pronation

Everyone’s foot moves in a different way, so finding shoes that support the movement of your foot is key when picking out running shoes. Pronation is the motion of your foot from the heel to toe; a proper strike pattern is your foot initially striking with the outside of the heel and evenly moving to the ball of your foot. There is also overpronation and underpronation (supination) that may occur based on the arch of your foot. Make sure that you work with a professional that can help you find shoes that support your feet properly.

Notice the Fit

One of the most important aspects of a quality running shoe is how it fits your feet. When you are trying the shoes on, make sure that you have enough room in the toe as well as enough room in the width. The shoes should be tight enough that your foot isn’t moving around too much, but your foot should be able to comfortably to lay flat.

Only Use Your Shoes for Running

Once you have found your ideal running shoes, it is important to only use them for running rather than using them for general gym workouts, grocery shopping, gardening, lounging, etc.

If you are an avid runner and you are experiencing painful side effects, consider contacting our orthopedic surgeon in Barrington for a professional opinion.

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