Orthobiologics: What are They?

When it comes to recovering from an injury, we are all hoping to heal as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This is where orthobiologics in Hoffman Estates comes into play. Orthobiologics refers to substances that Dr. Gitelis uses to help your injuries heal quickly, as they improve the healing of broken bones, injured muscles, tendons and ligaments. The best part? Orthobiologics are composed of substances that are naturally found in your body, simply used in higher concentrations in order to help speed up your healing process.

How They Work

Imagine breaking a bone or straining a muscle. Your body’s natural response is bleeding in the injured area to trigger the healing process. Bleeding is one example of an orthobiologic substance. Here are the three other orthobiologic substances found in your body.

Both Non-Surgical & Used with Surgery

Orthobiologics can be used on their own, or they can be used in combination with our other surgical procedures. They can be injected into the body, often referred to as “interventional orthobiologics” or “interventional orthopedics.” This is a great option for those who want to avoid surgery unless it is absolutely necessary.

Examples of non-surgical orthobiologics that we offer include:

Orthobiologics can also be used during surgical procedures to help speed up healing. Dr. Gitelis will always discuss your treatment options and provide recommendations on the best approach for your specific body.


Try to think of the matrix as the house where your cells live and where they will ultimately thrive to make bone, tendon, or ligament for the injured part of your body. Matrix material is conductive, meaning it can help form the building blocks necessary to fill bone gaps. For example, matrix growth must occur if you break a bone and there is a significant gap between bone pieces. Bone grafts may also be used as matrix material.

Growth Factors

In order for cells to properly work during the healing process, they need proteins. While some proteins are catalysts to the healing process, others help control it and slow it down to ensure it is taking place at a safe speed. Growth factors are found inside your bones in low concentrations, but they can also be produced in higher concentrations thanks to genetic engineering. Growth factors help call stem cells to the injury site to ensure the healing process is taking place. This process is called chemoattraction.

Stem Cells

The final component of orthobiologics in Hoffman Estates is stem cells. Stem cells are special because they can turn into other types of cells. For example, the same type of stem cell that repairs a broken bone can also repair an injured tendon or ligament. When you are injured, it is necessary for stem cells to swarm to the injured area, and factors influence the stem cells to become repair cells. Dr. Gitelis can help harvest stem cells that come from bone marrow and inject it into the site of injury.

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