Orthobiologics in Barrington

Once you’ve been injured, whether you are an athlete or simply rolled your ankle while carrying your groceries, you want to heal as quickly as humanly possible. Thanks to orthobiologics in Barrington, the healing process is quicker and more natural than ever. The science behind orthobiologics continues to get more and more advanced, and Dr. Gitelis takes pride in providing his patients with only the best services. The term “orthobiologics” refers to the use of your own biological substances to help musculoskeletal injuries heal as quickly as possible. Orthobiologics are useful in healing fractured bones, injured muscles, tendons and ligaments. The orthobiologic substances are composed of blood, matrix, growth factors and stem cells.

Here’s how each orthobiologic substance works to help heal your injury.


As soon as you become injured, blood naturally flows to the site of injury to help kick start the healing process. This is our body’s natural healing response and it provides a way for other healing factors to quickly reach the site of injury.


Matrix, also referred to as conductive material, allows a vessel for stem cells to grow into mature cells. This allows stem cells to ultimately heal the injury, including healing bone, muscle, tendon or cartilage. Matrix is also necessary if there has been a broken or crumbled bone that results in a large gap. It is at this point that matrix is necessary to house stem cells.

Bone grafts are often used as matrix materials, and they are comprised as two different types of them. Autografts can be obtained from your own bone supply and are most commonly taken from the iliac crest in your pelvis. An allograft is a bone graft taken from a cadaver bone typically acquired to a bone bank.

Growth Factors

A second factor of orthobiologics in Barrington includes growth factors. Growth factors are found in low concentrations inside your bones as well as in other parts of the body. They include a wide variety of proteins that are composed of proteins that both speed up and slow down the healing process. Growth factors are responsible for ensuring that stem cells flock to the injured area where they eventually turn into repair cells.

Stem Cells

Finally, stem cells promote healing as they have the ability to develop into the necessary type of cell to help promote healing, whether it be in the bone, muscle, ligament or cartilage. Our bodies naturally have many sources of stem cells, all of which Dr. Gitelis can help harvest!

If you’re interested in orthobiologics in Barrington, please contact Dr. Gitelis at Gitelis Orthopedics!

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