What You Should Know About Orthobiologics in Arlington Heights

The term “orthobiologics” doesn’t exactly sound simple or natural, but the term refers to using properties already found inside of your body to help you heal from an injury. With time, orthobiologics in Arlington Heights have continued to evolve into a modern orthopedic surgical practice, and Dr. Gitelis continues to learn more about how to best help his patients. Whether you have a broken bone, an injured muscle, tendon or ligament, orthobiologics can help speed up your recovery time by utilizing facets already from your body in larger amounts.

Heal Faster with Orthobiologic Substances

Our bodies are capable of incredible things, including starting the healing process as soon as we are injured. Blood rushes to the site of injury to allow other healing factors to reach the injury site. In addition to blood rushing to the injury site, there are three more orthobiologic substances found naturally within our bodies, including matrix, growth factors and stem cells.


Matrix is also referred to as conductive material and it plays a crucial role in the process of stem cells growing into mature cells. Stem cells need a safe environment in which they can thrive while they are in the process of growing and transforming into the necessary type of cell to help you heal. For example, think of a severely broken bone. If the gap is big enough between severed parts of the bone, matrix material is necessary to fill the gap between the pieces of bone in order to house stem cells.

Bone grafts can also be used as matrix material either obtained from your own body or taken from a cadaver. Man-made matrix materials such as calcium phosphate can also be used to fill bone voids.

Growth Factors

The second part of orthobiologics in Arlington Heights is growth factors. Growth factors are responsible for calling stem cells to the injury site through a process called chemoattraction. This process only works when there is a good blood supply around the injured area.

Stem Cells

Stem cells play a key role in orthobiologics in Arlington Heights, as they have the greatest potential for healing. Stem cells are influenced by their surroundings and can develop into the necessary type of cell that the injury site lacks. Doctors continue to find ways to bring stem cells to the site of injury both faster and in greater numbers to speed up the healing process.

Dr. Gitelis continues to explore orthobiologics in Arlington Heights. Please contact him if you’re interested in learning more!

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