Tips to Prevent Knee Pain

Published on December 19th, 2019

Knee pain is common among people of all ages and can be incredibly frustrating. Use these tips from Gitelis Orthopedics to help prevent knee pain in Arlington Heights.

Wear Supportive Shoes

Wearing supportive and comfortable shoes that fit correctly promote proper leg alignment and balance. Proper shoes are particularly important during exercise. If you exercise often, we recommend getting professionally fitted for your next pair of running shoes.

Keep Other Muscles Strong

Strong and healthy body muscles are the foundations for good posture and healthy overall alignment. Leg, hip and butt muscles are especially important for keeping your knees stress free.

Maintain Healthy Weight

With each step you take, 2-4 times your body weight is amplified through your knee joints. That being said, being overweight, can add excess stress to your knee joints and increase your risk of osteoarthritis. Maintaining an appropriate weight for your size and age can help decrease the chance of knee pain in Arlington Heights.

Stretch It Out

Any stretch that focuses on the calf, hamstring and quadriceps muscle can help to strengthen the knee by taking the pressure off your kneecap. Stretching also helps your body maintain healthy joints as you age. Great stretches to try include straight-leg lifts, butterfly or hamstring curls.

Knee pain in Arlington Heights can often be fixed without surgery, but utilizing these tips can help prevent knee injuries in the first place. If you are already suffering from chronic knee pain, contact Gitelis Orthopedics by calling 847.807.7771 today.

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