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Full Body Treatment

Our orthopedic surgeon in Hoffman Estates provides comprehensive care for patients experiencing pain or a limited range of motion in the bones, muscles, joints, or surrounding structures.

From high-performing athletes to the everyday individual, injuries are very common. If not properly treated, these injures can lead to significant functional disability. If you’re feeling shoulder pain or grinding and popping or seeking wrist joint pain treatment, contact Gitelis Orthopedics today.

No matter where your pain is located, Dr. Gitelis can devise a treatment for you that will have you feeling better, and fast. There is no reason you should continue living in pain when you are just a phone call away from getting back to comfort.

How We Can Help

From a routine shoulder injury to labral tears, soft tissue damage to different types of arthritis, Dr. Gitelis has extensive experience treating your pain.

Through the use of orthobiologics, Dr. Gitelis can help relieve pain and speed up your recovery from broken bones, injured muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

The best news is that orthobiologics can be used on their own for those who are hoping to avoid surgery. There are times, however, where surgery cannot be avoided.

Where Does It Hurt?

Whether you’re suffering from a dislocation, inflammation, or need your ACL repaired, schedule an appointment with Gitelis Orthopedics today.

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