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Dr. Michael Giteli

Michael Gitelis is an accomplished orthopedic surgeon in the Chicagoland area with nearly forty years of professional experience.

His practice, Gitelis Orthopedics is conveniently located at Ashton Center for Day Surgery in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Dr. Gitelis specializes in arthroscopic surgery and research, sports medicine, and the newest techniques in pain management and joint preservation.

Board Certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons, Dr. Gitelis is a Patients’ Choice Award Winner and was named a Top Regional Doctor by Castle Connolly in 2014.

Dr. Gitelis provides the most advanced operative and non-operative options for joint preservation.

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Researching Your Options

See how orthobiologics can help your healing process. View our informaitve infographic that will help explain the benefits of otehobiologics instead of surgery, or alongside it.

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Rehabilitation and treatment

Complete treatment process

Dr. Gitelis is dedicated to treating his patients conservatively and in the least invasive way possible. He incorporates the use of PRP and other regenerative therapy techniques when indicated as the best treatment for his patients.

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Shoulder Pain
Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

We are specialists

PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelets exist in your blood and are a small percentage of what makes up whole blood. We are able to concentrate your own blood in order to create a potent blend of cells to be reinjected into the site of pain. Dr. Gitelis uses PRP injections and treatment for patients who have indications who can benefit from regenerative therapy.

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Treating Shoulder, Elbow, Knee & Wrist Pain In Hoffman Estates

Dealing with sore bones and joints reduces your quality of life. Simple tasks like getting out of bed in the morning feels like a chore. If you’re tired of walking around in constant pain, consider visiting Gitelis Orthopedics to address your joint pain and other orthopedic issues. We have helped many people successfully treat their elbow pain, among other problems. Let us help you live a pain-free, happy life.

Pain Management Treatment Options

When it comes to orthopedic pain, there are a variety of pain management options available. Our experienced orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Gitelis, can assist with selecting effective ways to treat your musculoskeletal pain. Any effective treatment requires an understanding of the pain origins. At our practice we form close, professional relationships with our patients, so they feel comfortable sharing information about their health status and progress. We also offer progressive therapy treatments, such as PRP injections as an alternative treatment option for our patients.

Orthopedic Surgeon Serving Hoffman Estates

If you’re looking for a reputable orthopedic practice that can assist you with your wrist pain, look no further. With more than 30 years of professional experience and countless positive reviews, there’s no better place for the treatment of knee pain. We encourage you to take charge of your health and begin living a pain-free life by visiting our practice serving Hoffman Estates and nearby areas like Arlington Heights, Schaumburg, Elgin, Palatine, Barrington and the surrounding areas.


We take pain management one step further and offer orthobiologics to help your body heal from within. This is a non-surgical process that can be used on its own or be combined with a surgical procedure.

Orthobiologics are found naturally in your body — examples include bone marrow concentrate, platelet-rich plasma, fat grafts, and post-birth amniotic fluid. We harness the power of these orthobiologics to heal bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, helping you return to a pain-free life as soon as possible.

Orthopedic Surgical Treatment Options

We always exhaust all other treatment options before settling on surgery. Some injuries cannot be fixed through more passive treatment options, but know that you are in incredibly skilled hands with our team. Dr. Gitelis and his staff will take great care of you and assist you in returning to your normal routine.

Meet dr Gitelis

Client Testimonials

Dr. Gitelis is a master of his craft. I came to him with a painful and complicated injury that other doctors were unsure of how to treat…He truly cares about his patients and goes the extra mile to see they are well cared for!

- Ryan O’D

Dr. Gitelis is one of the most caring and competent doctors I have ever had the good fortune to diagnose my back and knee problems…He truly cares about his patients’ welfare first! All doctors should be this good!

- J.G.

I have been a patient of Dr. Gitelis for many years. You will never find a more compassionate physician. Dr. Gitelis takes time to visit with you, provides a detailed explanation of the diagnosis, and is always available to answer your questions. Dr. Gitelis is also a world authority on arthroscopic surgery. He is on top of the latest technology with regards to minimally invasive surgery.

- Thomas C

I saw Dr. Gitelis with a broken ankle. He opted to try a cast with my understanding that it might not heal right, and I may end up needing surgery if it did not. It would have been easy and profitable to default to surgery, but he cared about me, the patient. It did heal correctly, and I avoided surgery. Since then my husband has seen him with near miraculous results. You cannot do better if you need an orthopedic physician. We are so lucky to have someone of his caliber in the area.

- Deborah F

I had detached shoulder tendons and was in chronic pain. After seeing two other doctors who could not help me, I went to Dr Gitelis. He had just learned a new technique and could use it to repair my shoulder. After the operation, I feel like he had described a grass hut and presented me with the Taj Mahal. It was life changing. The pain is gone, and my range of motion is excellent. I highly recommend Dr. Gitelis.

- Robert F

Dr Gitelis is an amazing doctor and caring person. He has performed 3 shoulder surgeries on me because of my misfortunes and repaired my wife's knee so she can do everything she wants. When I had a spine issue he consulted and referred me to one of the best Doctors at Rush who had also fixed his back. I recommend Dr Gitelis to everyone who needs care. One of a kind.

- Max B

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Gitelis Orthopedics office

Co-Optim Health - 2nd Floor
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